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Healing the Heart and Arteries With naturopathy

A one-day program for the general public 

If you are over the age of twenty years, processes in your body are already going on that are laying down the foundation for the later development of heart and arterial disorders.The good news is that you can do something about this. 

You can minimize the risk and even reverse the progress of such common and deadly diseases of the circulatory system:

Diet and Lifestyle Modification is the key. Hence this program focuses on how we can maximize the benefit and minimize the bad effects.


Course presenter:  Fr. M. Britto Joseph S.J. , Date:  24th February 2013

Venue:  Institute Piedade, Panaji   , Timings: 09.15 am – 04.30 pm

Contact details:  Sr. Ana D’ Mello   0832293160, 09420597498.