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Obra de Proteccao a Mulher

“Obra de Proteccao a Mulher” (OPM)

(Service for Protection of Women) was established in 1942 (Statutes published in the Ecclesiastical Gazette). Originally the Home was at Birondem, Valpoi. Unwed mothers were sheltered there till the delivery. Orphan and abandoned babies, destitute and ill-treated women were also housed there. It was raised to the status of a full-fledged Institution in April 1947 and entrusted to the Congregation of Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters inGoa. It was maintained through contributions of the Public. The house at Birondem being small, and the wife of the then Governor taking keen interest the Home was shifted to Altinho, Panjim. Provedoria de Assistencia Publica began giving substantial donation since 1952. Somewhere in 1962 the Provedoria lent a house in Merces and until 1988 OPM functioned there. At this stage the house at Merces was returned to the Provedoria and the Institution was shifted to Nachinola, Bardez in a house donated by the Coelho family of Nachinola. Presently the day to day running of OPM is entrusted to the Congregation of Sisters Adorers and Caritas-Goa manages the Project.

Caritas Goa was able to reach out to and transform the lives of 449 women who were in stressful situation due to the social stigma to unwed mothers

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Women Empowerment

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