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Home Nursing Course and Services

Home Nursing Course and Services: And a Home Nursing Certificate Course of one year affiliated to the Human Resource Department, Government of Goa is currently conducted at the Institute.

From the year 2006, Home Nursing services are provided for Senior Citizens at their homes thereby enabling the loved ones to remain at home instead of the Aged Homes. It also provides gainful employment for young trained nurses which enables them to earn their livelihood.

Caritas Goa provides service for the whole of Goa without any discrimination, caste or creed. People especially elderly and sick express great satisfaction with our services. In a span of 5 years nearly 250 families have registered seeking home nursing services. People having complications due old age like diabetes, heart problem, depression due to lonliness or major disease, cancer, dementia are all who search for care at home. Around 50 home nurses are professionally trained to provide complete assistance in home care.

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