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Dr. Graciano Santana de Ribeiro Empowerment Centre

Dr. Graciano Santana de Ribeiro Empowerment Centre: It is an ambitious Project for the benefit of Handicapped Youth specially to equip them with skills for self employment. The project is located in the Ancestral Mansion of the Santana de Ribeiro family, who donated the house for the cause. Ms. Esther da Santana Ribeiro funded the necessary repairs and renovation to suit the needs of the Project.

In the course of events and responding to the need of the hour, the Centre now conducts several Home Science Courses for the benefit of the general community, including the differently abled.

  • Children working to 
be more creative
  • Exhibition at the 
end of a hard 
working year
  • Creative items 
prepared during 
  • Bakery Course
  • Children learning a 
new craft

Women Empowerment

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