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Deafblind Project


"Imagine a world without light, sound, color and music.This is the world of a the deafblind"

Caritas is a partner with Sense International, India expanding services to the needs of the deafblind and multisensory impaired children and young adults in Goa.

Sense International, India is a Non-Profit, Non- Government Organization working on a project supporting individuals with Deafblindness and Multisensory Impairment in India.


       Activities undertaken:

  • Identification and Assessment of Deafblind Children and Young Adults
  • Helping such children to overcome their daily challenges
  • Communication skills and the use of alternative and augmented communication methods
  • Collaborating with and Creating Networks of Families, Professionals, Special Educators and Deafblind Adults
  • Educational and Vocational Training Programmes
  • Training the Special Educators, Parent and Other Personnel
  • Devising Individual Education Plans
  • Adaptation for the home or school
  • Advocacy for the Rights of Deafblind


      Working with the Deafblind

  • Key approaches of building trust, being consistent, helping understanding, taking time, following the child and being supportive should be used.
  • They need to know about an activity before it begins-what will happen, where and with whom.
  • Use personal identifiers. For e.g. a particular bracelet.
  • Give access to activities by letting them touch, taste, hold hands over or under yours.
  • Routinize daily activities.


      Support us:

  • By referring deafblind individuals
  • By providing your skills and expertise through voluntary services and training programmes.
  • By offering and exchanging ideas and suggestions.