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Centre for Responsible Tourism

 Centre for Responsible Tourism  (CRT)

The Church in Goa is always alert to the impacts of tourism and has campaigned to protect local livelihoods, and culture.

The Centre for Responsible Tourism-Goa (CRT- Goa) took formal birth in July 2007 to examine how the church must respond to the fallouts of tourism and reverse the impacts in ways that would bring a human face to tourism and result in the benefits of tourism reaching local communities and to affirm the need to study how tourism planning and management could be effectively brought under community stewardship and management.

The office of the Centre for Responsible Tourism has been established in Colva geared to being a resource centre for tourism activists in the state and an 'encounter space' for visitors and local groups. The centre houses magazines and information from around the world and, it is hoped, that it will soon turn out to be a vibrant rallying point for training local activists and concerned tourists about how we may take forward notions of 'responsible tourism'.

The Centre for Responsible Tourism has established 18 community/village groups all across the coast stretching from Mandrem and Morjim in the North to Palolem in the South and each of these groups serves as 'Tourism Monitors' based on studies and analysis of the actual impacts of tourism on their coastal stretches.

Tourism Impact Assessment Studies are being carried out and accordingly activities such as:

  • Combating child abuse
  • Fighting the exploitation of women
  • De-commodifying culture
  • Water abuse
  • Campaigns for environmental protection are being taken up

A Coastal Sarpanch coalition is also formed to facilitate the co-ordination of the various plans of action.

CRT – Goa has taken initiative to organize the various sectors such as the Shack Owners, Taxi associations, Vendors, Small and Medium Guest Houses and Hotels.