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Activities of Deafblind Project

Outing for Deafblind Children with their families

The Sense team of Caritas-Goa along with its volunteers organised an outing for Deafblind children and their families on the 22nd December, 2012 at Caculo Mall, Panjim. Once the children arrived with their parents, all proceeded to the Food Court were arrangements were made for an interactive session with the parents and the Caritas - Goa Sense team. 

After this snacks were served, then all headed to the Time Zone to play some interesting games. Each parent was briefed about the games. The children along with their parents played the different games with the  assistance of the Caritas Team and volunteers. The different games that were played  were car racing, bike racing, ship racing, vibrating cars, merry-go-round, basketball, hammer game, shooting game, train and many more. After the games, there was a photo session, wherein the parents and their wards clicked photos which were developed into a sketch and was given to the children as a momento. The Caritas team then thanked the Staff of Caculo Mall for their cooperation and support.

Food arrangements were made at the premises of Caritas-Goa .After lunch the parents discussed the challenges faced by them with the Sense team . The Program concluded with a Christmas Function. Fr Savio entertained the crowd by playing the mouth organ while Santa Claus arrived with presents for the children.The children were very excited to see Santa Claus. He sang along and distributed Child Specific Gifts to the deafblind Children. The children left with a big smile on their face.


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