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Diwali Celebrations

As the month of November began we could feel the festive mood all around us. Since during this month, Diwali the festival of light is being celebrated all over India .Our children too were in this mood of celebration.

So on 13th November, 2012 our children celebrated the festival of Diwali. Therefore we had a meaningful prayer service where an Indian lamp was lit by Sr. Jessy from this lamp all the small lamps were lit by the children and the staff accompanied by a small prayer thanking God as the light of our life and everyone recongnised the importance of being a light to others.

At the end of the prayer service all present moved in a procession carrying lamps so as to illumine the surroundings . In the evening all the children enjoyed the fireworks display. This way Diwali was celebrated in a meaningfully way by our children


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celebrating Diwali


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